WastePreneurs is an initiative aimed at uplifting the informal waste collectors that operate throughout Johannesburg, while simultaneously providing a professional collection service for you the resident. The initiative will also ensure your waste does not end in landfills destroying the environment.

Empowering People

By setting up a Local Community Collecting Centre, the WastePreneurs are saved hours of arduous trekking across town to on- sell their waste and will increase their earning potential substantially as they will be able to collect more waste per day. This recyclable refuse collection will generate income for the WastePreneurs. They will get paid the going rate per kilogram for the various categories of waste that they collect. This money will be deposited straight into a debit card, eliminating the risks of cash collection at the hub.


The waste that WastePreneurs deposit at the Local Community Collectiion Centre is transported to , and then sorted at the Newtown central hub. Some products are on- sold like glass for crushing and cardboard and newsprint for pulping, whilst plastic is pelletised to beused for packaging materials, construction joint fillers, pipe insulation and- in time- for road resurfacing and pothole filling.


Residents are encouraged to get involved with the WastePreneurs and the recycling process by sorting the waste into three separate clear refuse bags that will be provided by the WastePreneurs. One bag is designated for paper and cardboard, one for tins and plastic and one for glass. These refuse bags will then be left on the pavement outside on the same day as the suburb’s Pikitup collection for the WastePreneurs to collect.